ASAE's Finance, HR & Business Operations Conference (FHRBOC)

Washington, DC — May 10–11, 2016

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Washington, DC

Walter E.


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Shine your lights ahead and discover ways to establish meaningful metrics for your organization’s finances to help guide you into a sustainable future. While juggling your organization’s books, you may also be juggling issues related to fraud, risk management, investment returns, and reporting financials. Learn the keys to success and acquire the knowledge needed to do these tasks more efficiently.

Human Resources

Remain on the road to success and drive strong team performance. Recruiting and retaining top talent is difficult without an excellent compensation package and a culture where professional development is always top of mind. Gain insights from HR experts and peers on how to keep employees motivated, while staying abreast of regulatory changes affecting benefits.

Business Operations

Make sure your organization is in gear to run smoothly and efficiently into the future. Streamline project management processes across your organization so that you can maximize opportunities for generating new revenue. Attend this conference for solutions for benchmarking these systems more effectively, as well as discuss nonprofit legal issues, facilities management, and much more.

V • i • t • a • l

I • n • s • t • r • u • m • e • n • t • a • l

Finance, human resources, and business operations are essential to the success of your organization. The 2016 Finance, HR & Business Operations Conference (FHRBOC) will provide updates on the latest practices in your field. In order to perform like a high-powered machine, keep your organization in gear, and excel forward, it’s critical to stay abreast of the latest trends in your field. Zero in on a particular function–or mix and match from all three to ensure you are acquiring the tools needed to remain on the road to success.